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11 Jun 2016

Park Avenue launches deodorant for the smart Indian woman


Park Avenue, from JK Helene Curtis premium apparel brand is recognized for its exclusive offering in the western formal wear for men and women which is further extended into personal care products with a range of perfumes and deodorants. Incidentally I believe it was one of the first deodorants in India, and along with Brut was extremely popular with kids at my school. I still do remember badgering my parents for buying me a Park Avenue deodorant after I secured my dental seat at Manipal. Since then I see that others have entered the fray, though I have moved from deodorant to perfumes read Issey Miyake and Davidoff, the likes of Axe, Fogg, Denver, Set Wet, Eva among others have entrenched themselves and I believe the deodorant segment is one of the fastest growing among all FMCG in India.

9 Jul 2013

How Indian women have become a big driver for online shopping…

Recently Archana bought a few packets of diapers for our daughter. What was funny about the purchase was that it was bought online.

I was really surprised at the incident. I still remember about 5 years ago when I had taken to online shopping for mobile phones, Archana had been very skeptical, and since then she had taken to shopping on line with a vengence and now she was buying diapers online.