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18 Sep 2014

Why you should not Unfollow just to boost your twitter reputation…

Twitter today is the most non-reciprocal social platform. That means that if you are following someone on Twitter it is not necessary for him to follow you. Let me take an example, Pop star Katy Perry @katyperry is has the  most followers on Twitter today. As of today she has 54 Million followers. But she follows only 168 people. Now you get the drift…You reputation on twitter is determined by the number of people following you and not how many you follow.

6 Feb 2014

#ThePurpleBox: Another masterclass from Naturals ?

Naturals – The beauty and grooming salon has been making the right moves on the marketing front.

After an amazing campaign during Christmas last year, where they show cased a very desirable Genelia D’Souza as “My new Santa” in a purple outfit, this time it seems they are ready to reveal a new entity which is hidden inside a purple box.