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4 Aug 2016

Dabur heeds PM’s call launches Real VOLO

Press release - Dabur real volo mail (1)

Press release - Dabur real volo mail (1)

Dabur VOLO

In September last year, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi made a very interesting recommendation to the soft drink manufacturers. He urged them to augment fruit sales in India by adding fruit juices to almost 10 % of the content, to be considered as a fruit beverage . As we all know our farmers have been struggling with the economy, drought and the financial situation in India. In addition they throw away tonnes of fruit which gets wasted as it is not sold in time and the lack of cold storage and cold chain facilities leaves them exposed to the vagaries of the market.

7 Jan 2015

Make in India: Art of the possible


Make in India is a big debate today. While Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi thinks it is only way forward for India. But many experts have questioned this and stated lack of infrastructure and talent as reasons why this would just be impossible.

Whenever a developing nation tries to do something that is albeit only the reserve of the elite nations, there are debates that are stroked by the intellectuals in the country. I remember reading a similar extract from the book of Padma Vibhushan Dr Verghese Kurien who was appalled by the lack of support for operation flood and actually went on to say how the intelligentsia actually opposed the project. But with Government support and a strong vision and the hard work of the milk producing farmers we were able to overcome all challenges and today are the largest milk producer in the world.

Now almost 50 years later we are back to a similar debate as India tries to bridge the manufacturing gap that it finds itself in. Again there is a chorus of opposition. But will we get lucky again ?

On this issue for the month of January I am collaborating with good friend Arun Prabhudesai and will be writing a few pieces for his website for Indian business .

Do watch out for those pieces and let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to cover in those pieces…


8 Jun 2014

How much does Prime Minister Narendra Modi Make ?

Did you know that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi makes less than most techies in Bangalore ?

According to the IIM Ahmedabad powered website, Shri Modi makes Rs 19 Lakhs per annum. This is is less than what a middle level manager at Infosys or Wipro would make.

23 Sep 2013

Brands that drive Shri Narendra Modi

I may get some flak for this but could not do without putting up this short post on the Shri Narendra Modi.

Shri Narendra Modi or NaMo for those on social media is a big brand himself. But has anyone wondered which brands does he prefer?

I never thought of this till i read the current edition of Week magazine that talks about this aspect of the man who has polarized the nation, you either love him or hate him. But you have to give credit to his good taste in brands.

(Image source:
For starters NaMo’s favorite watch is a Movado. Movado was founded in Switzerland in 1881 but was soon purchased by the Grinberg family who are Cuban Jews. They fled Cuba and set up base in Paramus New Jersey. This is very close to Woodbridge New Jersey where I spent 2 years selling into the Pharmaceutical IT and services space.