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12 Jul 2016

Power Sector India: Solar is the future but the present belongs to coal


Sometimes looking at the power sector in India reminds me of the Clark Gable classic ‘Gone with the wind’. Let me explain, our installed capacity as I explained in my previous post is around 300 GW. Assuming a conservative estimate production of 64%, we would have a per capita availability of around 1345 units.

4 Jun 2016

The key challenge with the state electricity boards in India



Now India is on the road to becoming a power sufficient country. We have close to 280 Giga Watts (10 9) of installed capacity and crossed 302 Giga Watts this year. Now 70% of the power plants run on fossils fuel, mostly coal. Luckily we have an abundance of coal, and this can last for a few decades if we are smart about the way we use coal.