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12 May 2015

Paper Boat Desi Drinks


No sooner does summer begin than TV channels are flooded with ads pushing you to buy colas or synthetic fruity flavoured drinks that are high on artificial flavours and sugar.

This year though, a fresh brand has been making its presence felt. With Gulzar’s poetic voice taking us on a trip down memory lane, we are introduced to the cooling Paper Boat packaged drinks- its unique design and the strong Indian flavours. Full of nostalgia, each drink tells a story right out of a small town home kitchen bringing alive the flavours and fragrances of childhood. Almost a year ago I had covered this same drink, one filled with nostalgia and the good news is that the brand is keeping things simple and does a good job of reminding us of the days gone by.

12 Apr 2014

Paper Boat Beverages: Memories, Nostalgia and Magic…

My earliest memory of growing up in the wonderful city of New Delhi is walking along, Raj Path near India Gate. My parents would often take me there and in the summer evenings I would be mesmerized by rows of bed-sheets placed on the ground as young boys and girls would climb on the evergreen Jamun trees and collect jamuns. Later I would force my dad to buy some for me from those kids. The taste of Jamuns, the smell of grass from the lawns and the tepid summer evening winds are forever entrenched in my memory.