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12 Dec 2015

How Digital is disrupting the $ 17 Billion shaving industry


Digital is ubiquitous and continues to change the industry landscape. Many people still consider Digital to be very front end centric. But digital has started disrupting some very traditional business models.

The global shaving industry is around $ 17 Billion. It is based on one of the older business models which is called the razor and blade model. The model is simple, you might get a cheap razor but eventually you have to pay for the blade. It’s a recurring cost and has the following features



1)      The razor is relatively cost effective

2)      But the blades are not

3)      They are a recurring expense

4)      And you re locked in as if you want to change the blades, you will have to change the razor as well

4 Oct 2013

Fake online reviews: How deep is the problem in India ?

Online reviews have become a part of our life. From movies to restaurants and clothes to vacations, all of us depend on these reviews left by who we think are good samaritans. But did you know that most online reviews today are fake?

One caveat before you read on, I am not sure of the extent of fake reviews and what percentage of reviews are fake ? I am not implying that any sites that have reviews are fake. I am writing under the assumption that fake reviews are a problem for the customers as well as organizations…