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6 Feb 2014

#ThePurpleBox: Another masterclass from Naturals ?

Naturals – The beauty and grooming salon has been making the right moves on the marketing front.

After an amazing campaign during Christmas last year, where they show cased a very desirable Genelia D’Souza as “My new Santa” in a purple outfit, this time it seems they are ready to reveal a new entity which is hidden inside a purple box.

21 Dec 2013

Giving Santa’s old white beard a Natural’s makeover this Christmas

The holiday season is a great time to run campaigns. As always Desi brands look out for ways and means to capture the festive spirit.

As I was looking across the sociosphere, I came across a very interesting campaign.

This is from the Natural’s hair and beauty salon. The campaign shows actress and brand ambassador Genelia D’ Souza in a purple background in a Santa like costume without the beard. The Purple instead of the traditional white and red signifies the colors of the brand Natural’s.