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18 Jan 2016

Personal journey and experiences powers this upcoming fashion brand :The Ink Bucket

10422386_694434304011088_3407760399964482599_n As India marches on to new frontiers, upcoming India brands emerge on the scene, to challenge incumbents and also as a medium of self expression of the new age entrepreneurs. No where is this more true in the fashion industry where upcoming Indian ventures continue to dazzle the world, building on a new found self belief of a vibrant India. I have been covering  this space mainly from a business angle and to see if there is a any value that these brands create for the consumer.



Some months ago I had featured one of these brands ‘Vaishvik’ founded by my good friend Rajesh Marathe with help from the Myntra Fashion Incubator Program. Now Vaishvik derives inspiration from the wisdom of ancient India and features Indian heroes like Chanakya, Shivaji Maharaj and Rajendra Chola. A lovely concept to wear and connect to our own slendid past. His new collection can be seen here, mostly T Shirts from both men and women. I think in this space Myntra is doing a great job, mentoring these new and upcoming designers, helping them set up their brands and giving them the business expertise and marketing muscle that most of them lack. In my discussions with Myntra I came across another interesting brand, The Ink Bucket.

20 Aug 2015

What other start ups can do to nurture talent: Myntra Fashion Incubator


What is the one thing every budding fashion designer, looking to set up his or her own brand would do anything to have? A platform. A set-up that provides their brand the financial support, supply and distribution network and, the visibility they so eagerly need. The Myntra Fashion Incubator (MFI) provides exactly this.

Committed to establish sustainable fashion brands within the country, the purpose behind setting up MFI has been the empowerment of young entrepreneurs, bringing to them a ready platform to build a firm base in the fashion circuit. The initiative is effective in the sense that it certainly helps to bridge this gap between new talent and existing fashion brands and retail options.

6 Apr 2015

Ancient Indian wisdom beyond its borders: Vaishvik


In the year 2007, I entered a speaking program called Toastmasters. Since then I have had the opportunity to learn and master the art of public speaking. Another aspect of toastmasters if that you meet some very enterprising people as well. One such person I met way back in 2007 was Rajesh Marathe; he was then the VP PR at the CSC Covansys Toastmasters club and was also the evaluator of my first speech. He came from the Oil and gas industry and soon left the company to go to back to his passion for Oil and Gas.

But one fine day I saw his reveal his true passion when I saw posts on Facebook for his venture Vaishvik. Soon he was chosen for the Myntra Incubation project and now he is currently in Bangalore following his dream.