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4 Nov 2013

Why Micromax’s Hugh Jackman gamble could go all wrong….

A few weeks ago I was stunned to the see the promos of the new Micromax advertisement. Called Micromax Turbo it had Hugh Jackman (ala Wolverine) holding the new sleek product in a gesture akin to out namaste.

The next day saw a barrage of discussions both online and off it, with general high fives going around for a sleek promo and a coming of age of an Indian brand. Now I am not so sure why people are getting so excited and the more I think the more I feel this is a bad choice.

17 Sep 2013

Why Micromax and Karbonn will face a challenge from the Nokia- Microsoft combine

Micromax and Karbonn had never had it so good. Built on Android platforms and using China as a manufacturing base, both these companies have grown exponentially in the last few years.

Micromax today is the second player in the smart phones market with almost 22 % market share. They have recently shipped 2 million phones and plan to ship out 2.5 million by the end of the year.
Karbonn also have grown almost 75 % this year to capture 7 % of the phone market.