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4 Jul 2014

Why the absence of ‘papad’ could signify a deeper cost cutting strategy ?

Recently I had gone for lunch at the famous Punjabi by Nature at Hosur road Bangalore. We have always been found of this place right from my time as a dentist in Delhi. Virika loves the fountains there and as any 3 year old loves the starters including papad that is served complimentary to the guests.

28 Aug 2013

The strange case of customer experience with Hyundai

I read this brilliant article in the harvard business review on customer experience. The article triggered a thought in my mind. As I was delving on that thought, an incident occurred that fortified it.

I lost a side beading for my Hyundai i10. It is a black colored strip and I think it is more cosmetic than functional. Now the beading lines the left door of my car and its absence has left a funny looking bump there. As I don’t like this bump naturally I wanted to get it fixed. For those unfamiliar with I am talking about please check the image.