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22 Feb 2014

What is happening at HCL…?

HCL, India’s leading Technology and services company is a curious case of an organization going through transition.

Founded by Shiv Nadar for years HCL has been showing robust growth and had has tremendous success in taking on infrastructural services projects. They have had dynamic leaders like Shiv Nadar, Arjun Malhotra , Vineet Nayyar ( Sr )and Vineet Nayar (Jr). But what is the current situation that the company finds itself it ?

14 Mar 2013

Has HCL got its branding strategy all wrong ?

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Desi companies have been performing admirably in the last 20 years. This charge has been led by services firms that have ruled the waves in India and overseas. But sometime their branding seems to be way off mark    often based on very short sighted goals.

A case in point is HCL. The IT services behemoth has been one of India’s best run companies. So when a couple of years ago the CEO took to blogging many heralded it as a coming of age for Indian brands. The CEO Vineet Nayyar, went on to state in his blog that for HCL, employees came first. This was a bold statement and very different from traditional management speak that puts customers first.