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12 Dec 2015

How Digital is disrupting the $ 17 Billion shaving industry


Digital is ubiquitous and continues to change the industry landscape. Many people still consider Digital to be very front end centric. But digital has started disrupting some very traditional business models.

The global shaving industry is around $ 17 Billion. It is based on one of the older business models which is called the razor and blade model. The model is simple, you might get a cheap razor but eventually you have to pay for the blade. It’s a recurring cost and has the following features



1)      The razor is relatively cost effective

2)      But the blades are not

3)      They are a recurring expense

4)      And you re locked in as if you want to change the blades, you will have to change the razor as well

16 Oct 2015

A Post Card From Flipkart?


I don’t usually receive postcards (does anyone really these days?) and if at all, it’s usually from a traditional store informing me of an upcoming sale or a commemorative discount. But of all the senders, I certainly did not expect an e-commerce company to send snail mail in order to connect with an urban customer. Imagine my surprise then when a post card from Flipkart was letting me know about the app only Big Billion Sale.


8 Aug 2015

The Flipkart Image Search: Altering Consumer Shopping Experience for Good


Not too long ago, shopping for an outfit, gadget, appliance, or anything for that matter really, meant walking into a shop and investing a considerable amount of time browsing through the available collection and depending on the shopkeeper to present more variety. The advent of e-commerce websites like Flipkart has changed the consumer shopping experience since then. Enter a keyword, browse, filter, sort, pay and have it delivered to your doorstep effortlessly. However, ever since Flipkart has moved away from the website, making itself available only on an app, it has managed to reach out to customers in not just the predictable urban areas but far flung corners of the country.