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15 Nov 2016

5 lessons in moderating panel discussions

Sometime ago I received an invitation to moderate a panel comprising of influential healthcare industry leaders in India. Though I am comfortable speaking in front of large crowds and well versed in the techniques in communication, I felt strangely nervous. There was one big challenge. The topic of discussion was going to be the role of technology in healthcare, an industry I am very familiar with and as a moderator I was afraid that my opinion on the industry would influence the discussion and I would find it difficult to be neutral.

30 Jan 2016

My interview with Digital Vidya


Early this month, I had a short interview with Digital Vidya on my thoughts around Digital Marketing. When the interview was published, I realized that there was a very important point that came out during the discussions. The transcript of the question is below

26 Sep 2015

Audio apps that are a must have for your smart phone



The digital shift continues to shape our lives in more ways than we care to comprehend. Be it gathering information, staying updated with the latest from around the world, learning to relax or devouring books, the digital first approach has made its way into everyday life with the Smart Phone as its global ally.

Going mobile is probably the greatest manifestation of personalization and expression of one’s individualism. The phone has replaced several gadgets today including the personal digital assistant, the camera and in some cases, even the wallet. But the gadget I find has been replaced most vehemently over the years is the music player.

5 Apr 2015

3 factors that could lead to a successful thought leadership program

Rubhusocial Twitter Chat

Recently I was invited to a guest at a twitter chat at #Rubhusocial a platform founded by @akathmadevi. The topic was thought leadership  and this is a topic I feel very strongly about. In the past I have led successful efforts with Wipro and IBM in the past and am using some of that experience to develop the first social media adoption research report for Dentists in India partnering with @Thedentaledu. The transcript of the chat can be found here