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12 Jun 2017

How digital is changing sports like cricket








Most cricket fans are in a good mood these days. Despite the setback against Sri Lanka, the men in blue managed to bounce back to beat South Africa and qualifying for the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy. In the middle of the cricket news, my attention was drown to the work being done by Intel on the digital transformation of cricket.

9 Mar 2017

Chat bots are the future of the services industry


If you have been chatting with customer service on hotel or airline website, then there are chances that you have been chatting a machine or AI or a Chat Bot. This is the new normal in the services industry and no matter what you feel about it, the chat bots are evrywhere.

I discovered this by accident when I missed a connecting flight from Chicago in 2015. I had to reach out to my hotel to change the reservations. As I called the help desk at the hotel, the familiar IVR options were replaced by a pleasant sounding male voice, who spoke to me about my reservations and then directed me accordingly. Midway through the conversation I realized this was a bot or AI. Though I immediately thought of Terminator 2 and Skynet, but little did I know that chat bots were going to become a more integral part of our lives.

25 Mar 2016

Digital Disruption of the men’s grooming industry is here to stay

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Recently I expressed my views on how Digital was disrupting the business model of the $ 17 billion shaving or the Men’s grooming industry. An emerging startup in Pune read my piece and got in touch. Blade & Bath is a brain child of Pune based duo of Mihir Vaidya & Suraj Chaudhari. While Mihir has experience in private wealth management Suraj’s experience lies in pharmaceutical distribution and trading. So when money meets pharmaceuticals, out comes men’s grooming, well that didn’t come out as well as it should have but both the founders have a good idea of what they are getting into.

12 Dec 2015

How Digital is disrupting the $ 17 Billion shaving industry


Digital is ubiquitous and continues to change the industry landscape. Many people still consider Digital to be very front end centric. But digital has started disrupting some very traditional business models.

The global shaving industry is around $ 17 Billion. It is based on one of the older business models which is called the razor and blade model. The model is simple, you might get a cheap razor but eventually you have to pay for the blade. It’s a recurring cost and has the following features



1)      The razor is relatively cost effective

2)      But the blades are not

3)      They are a recurring expense

4)      And you re locked in as if you want to change the blades, you will have to change the razor as well