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14 Apr 2017

10 Years, Stock Markets, BS and more BS


As March turns to April, I still remember the day in Madras (Now Chennai) in 2007, when  I started this blog. My objective was to vent my views on various topics close to my heart like Manchester United. 254 posts and 10 years later, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have anything unique or different to share with my readers. I feel I know less than what I knew in 2007 and now I don’t even have the luxury of having age on my side.




28 Dec 2016

New business models to drive growth for Desi Brands in 2017


As the year comes to an end, many people have asked me about my predictions for the next year. As I was thinking of what would drive 2017, three separate brand encounters gave me the answers to my questions. In all three the desi brands had taken a traditional business model and turned it around to give an exceptional experience to customers.

31 Dec 2013

How Indian brands are using packaging to create value

I am a sucker for packaging.

Not many marketers pay attention to it those days, but packaging plays a big role is enhancing the value of the product. One of the best examples in these times is Apple. Just check the packaging that an iPhone or iPad comes in. It lives up to the high price that the company charges for the phone.

On the other hand many Desi Brands have started enhancing the value by creating a sense nostalgia. I recently came across this excellent product, which was packaged like a newspaper cover that is used by the roadside hawkers earlier while dishing out snacks.