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20 May 2016

Customer Experience can make or break your brand , learn how


Buying from start-ups/ smaller brands entails a degree of risk, especially if the value of products being purchased is relatively high. My wife Archana’s  experience shopping for Viari bags online entailed a similar risk.

Archana likes collecting bags and leather bags have been a preference from the time she turned 18. She is in her 30’s, working as a marketing head for an MNC, drives her own car and makes enough to invest in quality products like leather handbags.  Her personal taste is for classic designs that can be used for work/ social occasions. Over the years, she has developed an affinity for Hidesign bags as they have proven to be spacious, yet compact and robust to carry to work. Recently, she crossed a major milestone at work and wanted to reward herself by buying a new work bag. She wasn’t very happy with the Hidesign models available and chanced upon a brand called Viari.

25 Oct 2014

Do our online retailers really know us ?


One of the common comments in defense of the mom and pop stores used to be that these people have served the customer for years and would know them very well. When I was in high school, I started experimenting with soaps and once asked our friendly retailer for Aramusk. Not sure how many of you have used Aramusk but I think the brand belongs to Henkel in India now (needs citation) but in college it was one of the coolest soaps available for a man. Our whole family used Hamam, and the friendly old uncle at the grocers told my mother, “today he is using Aramusk, but when he pays for it himself he would use Lifebuoy. As he foretold in hostel I had used Lifebuoy a couple of times to save money.

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28 Aug 2013

The strange case of customer experience with Hyundai

I read this brilliant article in the harvard business review on customer experience. The article triggered a thought in my mind. As I was delving on that thought, an incident occurred that fortified it.

I lost a side beading for my Hyundai i10. It is a black colored strip and I think it is more cosmetic than functional. Now the beading lines the left door of my car and its absence has left a funny looking bump there. As I don’t like this bump naturally I wanted to get it fixed. For those unfamiliar with I am talking about please check the image.

17 May 2013

How online tools are shaping the customer experience for off-line brands: My experience from Nail Polish Shopping

(The following post is a guest post from Archana Venkat) – (Image Src – My daughter is 26 months old and she knows what she wants. She can describe things in detail, if not hit on the right word. So three days ago when she returned home from the play area, she asked me for “coloring on fingers”. One of her friends in the playground had pink color on her fingers. After refusing crayons, color pencils and pens (all of which in her dictionary correspond to “coloring”), I was about to give up when she pointed at a magazine and showed me the “coloring.” Nail polish. That’s what she wanted. So I went nail polish shopping, my first in the last five years, and picked up two ‘safe’ shades – light pink and plum.