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31 Jul 2015 The online cafe


It took a Barista, Café Coffee Day and Starbucks to introduce India to a world of interesting brews making the phrase, ‘let’s catch up over coffee’ or ‘coffee date’ popular. The humble tea on the other hand, stretched only as far as masala chai and green tea. However, a new breed of urban connoisseurs is now waking up to an array of aromatic decoctions and variety of international tea. From herbal and green tea to red, black and even white tea, a range of mixes and infusions are available in the market today for beverage enthusiasts looking to experiment. And given the digital nature of consumer purchase trends today, it only makes sense to make such options available online.

18 Dec 2013

Narasu’s coffee : Serving it hot since 1926


In my quest for Desi beverage brands I stumbled upon a familiar name on the retail shelf’s.

I did remember my grandmother telling me how her father used to start his day with Narasu’s Coffee and I was pleasantly surprised to see the brand still active and available at a Bangalore store.