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23 Jun 2016

Hansaplast Junior- now playgrounds can be fun

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A recent report by WHO stated that 22% of children in India were overweight and they tend to spend more time indoors addicted to mobile phones and tablets, resulting in a host of potential medical issues. In such an environment, it’s refreshing to see an Indian marketing agency buck the trend and work on a product that promotes the fact that playgrounds are fun and  getting hurt is a part of growing up.

13 Mar 2016

3 things Chota Bheem needs to stop right away


I am back this Sunday morning with another observation on my bete noir Chota Bheem. Sometime ago I had written a piece on how the child super hero was having a bad effect on kids with respect to their diet. Anyone consuming that many ladoos would be sick and with India already the diabetes capital of the world would lead to further problems.