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22 Oct 2014

Why no crackers this Diwali is an arrogant statement….

I love George Carlin. While he was alive he spewed nothing but the honest truth. Never cared for hurting the sentiments of the so called guardians of the universe. One of the things he said was that ” Saving the environment is like one more arrogant attempt by the human beings to control nature, and that is what got us into trouble in the first place”

Now when I first saw this video I was appalled but later I started to see things more clearly. Today we have these so called guardians sending out messages like “No crackers this Diwali” and the rest of us dim witted folks setting them as Facebook updates or forwarding  the same  messages at Whatsapp. The very fact that we think of  saving the planet once a year is a stupid idea. The truth  is that we cant save the planet and there is nothing we can do to reverse what we have done so far. As one can understand, simple economics will tell us that growth and consumption would go hand in hand and if we stop consuming that would bring about the end of any growth while continued consumption will bring the end of the civilization as we know it.

But I don’t like blanket statements and lets put some facts together. As I am not an arm chair expert like some of the others, let me take statistics from the city I live in Bangalore. All of them are from the census of 2011.

27 Dec 2013

Crowd sourcing the way forward for Indian brands: The Bannerghatta National Park example…

Crowd sourcing seems to be the new mantra.

Many recent examples show that the power of channelizing the efforts of many and direct it towards a single goal works wonders. A good example is the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party), who not only received their funds through sourcing but also developed their manifesto through this method.

My recent visit to the Bannerghatta National Parkopened my eyes to another form of crowd funding.

5 Jun 2013

Why the Bay of Bengal may solve Bangalore’s water problem: Water Desalination

The other day, my father returned from Chennai after commissioning a power plant. But to my surprise, in addition to commissioning the plant, he had also commissioned a desalination plant. I was not aware that water desalination was a viable option and could be used to create portable water for the country.