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29 Sep 2016

92 % of the world inhaling polluted air says WHO report


When I was in school, my good friend Ankur told me something very interesting. He said students in the American School in Delhi had an advisory not to come out in the morning between 8-10 AM and in the evening between 4-6 PM. He remarked that it was because of the pollution on the streets and the school he claimed believed that pollution affected the development of the children. I never went on to verify these claims and accepted them as maybe the norm.


19 Apr 2014

Can an air purifier help improve the quality of your life ?

Ahwaz may not be a city of any significance for us in India but to scientists monitoring air pollution it is one of great importance. Ahwaz in Iran is a oil producing city and is today the most polluted city in the world when it comes to air pollution. At 372 micrograms of suspended particulate (Less than 10 micrmeter in diameter) matter  per cubic meter of air, Ahwaz is a nightmare for its citizens. Air pollution there is causing diseases like COPD, Asthma, Bronchitis and in extreme cases Lung Cancer)