23 Dec 2016

Organizations in India living in denial about Fraud in the Digital era

I’m still living for tomorrow, I’m living for today
Why don’t we try today my friend, To make this world a better place
The Scorpions

These lyrics from the Scorpions sum up the situation in India. As demonetization shifts the market to digital platforms, organizations in India are still focusing on classical text book fraud. Large organizations either are unwilling or unable to understand the magnanimity of the situation they face.

27 Nov 2016

3 changes I would like to see in influencer marketing in 2017

Digital and social media have made the biggest impact on marketing in this decade. Specifically, reliance on influencer marketing is set to grow in the future, as customers seek more value from the products and services they buy. In this context I foresee three major developments in 2017 in the area of influencer marketing that organizations should leverage for better customer understanding and engagement.

20 Nov 2016

Desi brands look to design for employee engagement through branded workplaces


My first look at a swanky branded workplace was when I started working for a global technology major. They had a delivery center for a payment gateway and it was designed making the contracted employees feel that they were part of a larger parent organization. The walls had creatives with messaging from the payment gateway. Their cafe was stacked with freebies and snacks, they had pool, foosball and the works. The rest of us could only stare and wish.

15 Nov 2016

5 lessons in moderating panel discussions

Sometime ago I received an invitation to moderate a panel comprising of influential healthcare industry leaders in India. Though I am comfortable speaking in front of large crowds and well versed in the techniques in communication, I felt strangely nervous. There was one big challenge. The topic of discussion was going to be the role of technology in healthcare, an industry I am very familiar with and as a moderator I was afraid that my opinion on the industry would influence the discussion and I would find it difficult to be neutral.