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1 Jul 2016

Food Dost: The need fulfilled

12376712_1639851312953741_1606060974720922123_nRoti, Kapada aur Makaan was once the primary drivers of man’s quest as we moved to a civilized society. Maslow would have agreed that most of the developed world has moved up beyond security and focusing more on self-esteem or self-actualization.

But in India the situation is slightly different with a vast majority of citizens still struggling to meet the basic nutritional needs. And my good friend and the founder of the food start up FoodDost, Pritesh Chothani found this out by accident.

12 Dec 2015

How Digital is disrupting the $ 17 Billion shaving industry


Digital is ubiquitous and continues to change the industry landscape. Many people still consider Digital to be very front end centric. But digital has started disrupting some very traditional business models.

The global shaving industry is around $ 17 Billion. It is based on one of the older business models which is called the razor and blade model. The model is simple, you might get a cheap razor but eventually you have to pay for the blade. It’s a recurring cost and has the following features



1)      The razor is relatively cost effective

2)      But the blades are not

3)      They are a recurring expense

4)      And you re locked in as if you want to change the blades, you will have to change the razor as well

26 Aug 2015

A Not-So Tiny Food App

Tiny Owl

The good thing about competition in the digital jungle today is that consumers are not only spoilt for choice but are also particular about quality which only encourages new talent and fresh ideas. One such popular brand is Tiny Owl- a food delivery app available for both Android and Apple users. Currently operational in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon, the app has several interesting features that sets it apart from the other players in the food business.


20 Aug 2015

What other start ups can do to nurture talent: Myntra Fashion Incubator


What is the one thing every budding fashion designer, looking to set up his or her own brand would do anything to have? A platform. A set-up that provides their brand the financial support, supply and distribution network and, the visibility they so eagerly need. The Myntra Fashion Incubator (MFI) provides exactly this.

Committed to establish sustainable fashion brands within the country, the purpose behind setting up MFI has been the empowerment of young entrepreneurs, bringing to them a ready platform to build a firm base in the fashion circuit. The initiative is effective in the sense that it certainly helps to bridge this gap between new talent and existing fashion brands and retail options.