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24 Jul 2015

Did you know that Indian bloggers are more influencial than their Global counterparts ?

untitledEver since the explosion of the word ‘blog’ on the internet, almost every person has either experimented with a private blog or, has come across someone who blogs on a regular basis. From college students to celebrities, retail brands to media houses, everybody with an opinion and a point of view finds this medium a most effective way of connecting with people and quite literally putting their thoughts ‘out there’.

It’s interesting therefore, to observe how the blogging scene has changed in India over the past few years. And where it might be headed in the future.

Register this there are more than 35,000 blogs in the IndiBlogger database alone and this has grown almost 48 % since 2013. But get this 56 % of Indian blogger influence purchase decisions. This is way higher than the 31% mark of influence for Global bloggers. and the best part is that most corporates know this.  So if you are not blogging you are losing a lot of influence and also a way to monetize it.


18 Sep 2014

Why you should not Unfollow just to boost your twitter reputation…

Twitter today is the most non-reciprocal social platform. That means that if you are following someone on Twitter it is not necessary for him to follow you. Let me take an example, Pop star Katy Perry @katyperry is has the  most followers on Twitter today. As of today she has 54 Million followers. But she follows only 168 people. Now you get the drift…You reputation on twitter is determined by the number of people following you and not how many you follow.

19 Apr 2013

How PVR Cinemas enhanced their brand by offering great customer service on Twitter.

Often we have complained that most brands don’t engage on Social Media. Most of them have presence on the networks but hardly any of them respond to any customer queries or complaints.But I was pleasantly surprised when PVR Cinemas not only responded to my complaint but also resolved it on Twitter.The story began on the 24th March when I was trying to book tickets for Django Unchained on the PVR site. The show was for the next day 25th March, which also happened to be my birthday. Those of you who know me well, would realize that I never work on my birthday and mostly spend the day doing things that I enjoy doing.Django was top of my list because I had seen the earlier series with Franco Nero and being a Tarentino fan I was not going to miss out on this masterpiece.

26 Sep 2012

Does Corporate India understand social media?

This blog comes from my friend Archana. She blogs on Straight talk with Arch. Please visit her blog to read the first part of this post.
My last blog post talked about this headline bycontrasting the fundamental nature of business with that of social media. It attempted to explain why corporate India seemed to have several “misunderstandings” while dealing with people on social media. At the time, it seemed fair to assume that corporates did not completely understand these differences (given the maturity of social media networks in India) and plunged into this medium simply because it was touted at the next big thing or the competition was on it.