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14 Apr 2017

10 Years, Stock Markets, BS and more BS


As March turns to April, I still remember the day in Madras (Now Chennai) in 2007, when  I started this blog. My objective was to vent my views on various topics close to my heart like Manchester United. 254 posts and 10 years later, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have anything unique or different to share with my readers. I feel I know less than what I knew in 2007 and now I don’t even have the luxury of having age on my side.




27 Nov 2016

3 changes I would like to see in influencer marketing in 2017

Digital and social media have made the biggest impact on marketing in this decade. Specifically, reliance on influencer marketing is set to grow in the future, as customers seek more value from the products and services they buy. In this context I foresee three major developments in 2017 in the area of influencer marketing that organizations should leverage for better customer understanding and engagement.

6 Aug 2016

Privacy, Data Security and Jason Bourne


It keeps getting older but I can never have enough of Jason Bourne. The 4th (or 5th if you count the prequel) edition of the killer manufactured in a program to protect the citizen of the world, rolled out this week and I got myself into a second day first show to watch an older but still kicking Matt Damon do what he does best, killing the bad guys and saving the day.(Image Source: Pinterest)

I am particularly attached to Jason Bourne and the character created by Robert Ludlum in Bourne Identity. Interestingly it first English movie I had ever seen. In that edition Jason Bourne was played by William Hurt but the current Bourne is played by Matt Damon.

4 Aug 2016

Dabur heeds PM’s call launches Real VOLO

Press release - Dabur real volo mail (1)

Press release - Dabur real volo mail (1)

Dabur VOLO

In September last year, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi made a very interesting recommendation to the soft drink manufacturers. He urged them to augment fruit sales in India by adding fruit juices to almost 10 % of the content, to be considered as a fruit beverage . As we all know our farmers have been struggling with the economy, drought and the financial situation in India. In addition they throw away tonnes of fruit which gets wasted as it is not sold in time and the lack of cold storage and cold chain facilities leaves them exposed to the vagaries of the market.