8 Jul 2017

Design Thinking and Creating a culture of innovation

India is at the cusp of transformation. We have the unique opportunity to create a model that would help build the nation of tomorrow for a population of a billion plus people. Early this year I had the opportunity to listen to Tom Kelley, founder of IDEO, at NILF in Mumbai. His session convinced me that there was a way to continue to focus on innovation despite the pressure for immediate returns and delivering results quarter on quarter. Tom spoke extensively on the role played by Design Thinking in building a culture of innovation.

But Why design thinking?

12 Jun 2017

How digital is changing sports like cricket








Most cricket fans are in a good mood these days. Despite the setback against Sri Lanka, the men in blue managed to bounce back to beat South Africa and qualifying for the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy. In the middle of the cricket news, my attention was drown to the work being done by Intel on the digital transformation of cricket.

9 Jun 2017

AMUL sets a growth model for other Indian brands to emulate

AMUL one of the most endearing Indian brands, continues to win heart of consumers and market share against competition. A simple cooperative from Gujrat which grew under the vision of the late Dr Verghese Kurien is today 13th largest diary company in the world, processing almost 177 lakh litres of milk daily. It is owned by more than 36 lakh farmers across the state of Gujrat and has been growing at 20% compounded annually for the last 7 years. This April GCMMF the parent company if AMUL pushed past 27,000 crores turn over. More details here.

14 Apr 2017

10 Years, Stock Markets, BS and more BS


As March turns to April, I still remember the day in Madras (Now Chennai) in 2007, when  I started this blog. My objective was to vent my views on various topics close to my heart like Manchester United. 254 posts and 10 years later, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have anything unique or different to share with my readers. I feel I know less than what I knew in 2007 and now I don’t even have the luxury of having age on my side.